CrisisExperts offers a range of crisis management services. They are available as a complete package, or individually.

CrisisExperts Emergency Planning provides your organization with the tools needed to respond effectively in an emergency. Do you have an Emergency Plan, and a Crisis Communication Plan? Have you considered the impact of a crisis on your employees? They are the most important part of any organization.  With the help of CrisisExperts you can be prepared for the unimaginable.

CrisisExperts Communication Planning and Issues Management provides a clear path for your critical communication activities.  A comprehensive communication plan ensures that the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time. Our crisis communication planning also prepares your organization to confidently face those sudden, unexpected events that plunge others into chaos.

CrisisExperts Spokesperson Training will equip you with the necessary skills to speak for your organization when the stakes are high. Training can be provided in the form of incident and issue specific coaching for individuals, or as classroom style presentations and exercises for groups of up to 10 persons. Train with CrisisExperts and you’ll be prepared to speak for your organization.

CrisisExperts Crisis Response will help you through a critical incident as it unfolds. CrisisExperts can support your organization’s efforts to deal with critically important issues and events by providing expertise and an independent viewpoint.

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